Handcrafted Jewellery.

We work with a fully trained staff whose core passion in life is to create the finest and most unique designer jewellery.

Exchange of your Gold

It provides instant cash for your gold exchange. All types of gold are accepted, whether used, old, scrap or broken.

Customize Your Jewellery

Now it’s easy to design your own jewellery. Most of our clients come here with an idea and sketching skills. And go home happily with the unique design made by them.

Sell Gold From Home

Sell gold anytime, anywhere, and get money straight into your account. You will have multiple payment options to choose from such as account, card, or wallet etc.


Providing original gold to our shoppers is that the one in all the foremost vital duty to our customers. A jewellery ought to explore a woman’s presentation on the idea of her temperament and assortment of Indian jewellery are of nice designs and appropriate to be worn on any occasion or festivals.


We purchase old gold / cash for gold in tricity.

CASH FOR GOLD – Sawan Jewellers is the most renowned gold buyer in Chandigarh. It provides instant cash for exchange of your gold. All kinds of gold are accepted whether used, old, scrap or broken.

Sell Your Old Jewellery At Maximum Value.

Sawan Jewellers provides cash against your gold instantly. Your services is our supreme priority. The mode of payment are often on-line or offline. It are often done by money, Cheque, Demand Draft, IMPS transfer, NEFT and RTGS transfer. The person ought to be eligible to sell the gold. One should be eighteen years higher than attended with parent or adult, should carry ID proofs and different documents for swish method of payment.

For Medical Expensive.

For Business Capital.

 To invest in new home.

For Any Unexpected Expenses.